1. Firstly, choose your gift - This will come with a Story Boxxe and personalised cards included (worth £19). There is also the option to just purchase the Story Boxxe without a gift might have something already which you'd like to pop in there! All gifts are available to view by CLICKING HERE. Just add the item you want to the cart. No need to go to the checkout yet though....

2. Click the CREATE YOUR CARDS tab at the top of the website & choose who your Story Boxxe gift is for. This is your chance to create your story by adding the cards you want to include, personalising and adding photos. 

3. You can add up to 10 cards to the cart. We suggest you include a COVER CARD & add your own PHOTOS if you wish. If you want to change the words or make any adjustments, you may do this. If you want to create all your own cards, this can be done by CLICKING HERE. Remember to add them to the cart as you go. 

4. Go to the CHECKOUT and complete all details. 

Also see our frequently asked questions page HERE