1. Purchase your Story Boxxe, which comes with a gift of your choice. You may view all the gifts available by clicking here. Just add the item you want to the cart. No need to go to the checkout yet, just go on to the next step below.

2. Click the CREATE tab at the top of the website & choose who your Story Boxxe gift is for. This is where you will create your Story Boxxe by adding the cards you want to include.

3. Add any 12 cards to the cart. If you want to change the words or make any adjustments, you may do this. Remember to add them to the cart as you go. If you want to create all your own cards, this can be done by clicking here.

4. Choose a COVER CARD & add your own PHOTOS

5. Go to the checkout and complete all details. 


Also see our frequently asked questions page HERE.