Can I create my own cards with my own wording?

Yes - please follow the link HERE.

Can I have more than the specified cards?

The Story Boxxe is made to hold up to around 15 cards if required but we recommend around 10-12. 

What if I want just a few cards to have my own words?

On each card there is an edit field. Just choose any card and tell us what you want to say or how you'd like it to be amended!

What order will the cards be in?

We know this is important and will spend time putting them into a logical order. Send us an email if you have something in mind which may not be obvious though!

Can I provide any further notes/instructions for my order?

Yes - At the checkout there is an order notes section.

What if I purchased my Story Boxxe on another website?

Just add the cards to the checkout, there is no need for payment. We will match it to your order before we send it.


Any further questions, please CONTACT US.